Dust for Unity



  • Activate
    Allow enable/disable game objects or components
  • Callback
    Execute custom callbacks
  • Delay
    Make a delay between actions
  • Destroy
    Destroy object
  • Find GameObject
    Find GameObject by tag and/or name and trigger event with it
  • Flip
    Flip object to X | Y | Z axes
  • Flow Random
    Execute random action with weight control
  • MoveBy
    Move object by fixed distance
  • MoveTo
    Move object to fixed point
  • RotateBy
    Rotate object by fixed angle
  • RotateTo
    Rotate object to fixed angle
  • ScaleBy
    Resize object by fixed scale
  • ScaleTo
    Resize object to fixed scale
  • Spawn
    Spawn object(s) with different options
  • Start
    Best way to show initial action of a sequence
  • Tint
    Tint color in material or UI-elements
  • Transform Copy
    Copy transform from another object
  • Transform Random
    Randomize transform
  • Transform Update
    Update transform
  • Update Hierarchy
    Update parent/child references

Actions Physics

  • Add Force
    Add Force to Rigidbody
  • Add Torque
    Add Torque to Rigidbody


Add simple animation in two clicks
  • Follow
    Follow the target object with fixed offset and/or with smooth damp
  • LookAt
    Look at target object
  • Move
    Move object with fixed speed in defined direction
  • Pulsate
    Transform (P.S.R) with wave shape animation
  • Rotate
    Rotate object with fixed speed around axis or target object
  • Scale
    Scale object with fixed speed
  • Shake
    Transform (P.S.R) with shake animation


  • Debugger
    Allow catch&show debug events for specific object
  • Spawner
    Spawn objects from list in defined points in the scene
  • Destroyer
    Auto destroy object by described rules
    Alive zone
    Dead zone
  • Random Transform
    Randomize any attribute in Transform (P.S.R.) object on Awake/Start methods
  • Lock Transform
    Lock any attribute in Transform (P.S.R.) object
    Unity Editor
    Unity Player


Build new game objects sets.
What for?
Then use Factory Machines and let the magic be!
  • Linear
    Build objects in linear shape
  • Radial
    Build objects in N-radial shapes
  • Grid
    Build objects in 2D/3D grid shapes

Factory Machines

Effect on factory GameObject instances and create amazing animation and unique game logic
  • Basic
    Impact on power and/or color values for all factory instnaces
  • Clamp
    Clamp transform (P.S.R) for all factory instances
  • LookAt
    Make all factory instances look at object
  • Material
    Update material attributes for all factory instances
  • Noise
    Update transform (P.S.R) for all factory objects by noise
  • Time
    Update transform (P.S.R) for all factory objects by time
  • Transform
    Update transform (P.S.R) for all factory objects fixed values


Calculate data & colors for any point in the world space.
  • Constant
    Constant value
    Basic Field
  • Coordinates
    Object coordinates
    Basic Field
  • Noise
    Noise values
    Basic Field
  • Time
    Time value
    Basic Field
  • Directional
    Directional field
    2D Field
  • Radial
    Radial field
    2D Field
  • Texture
    Texture data
    2D Field
  • Wave
    Wave shape
    2D Field
  • Cone
    Cone shape
    3D Field
  • Cube
    Cube shape
    3D Field
  • Cylinder
    Cylinder shape
    3D Field
  • Sphere
    Sphere shape
    3D Field
  • Torus
    Torus shape
    3D Field
  • Clamp
    Clamp values
    Math Field
  • Curve
    Remap values by curve
    Math Field
  • Fit
    Fit values from [a,b] to [c,d]
    Math Field
  • Invert
    Invert values (1-n)
    Math Field
  • Remap
    Remap values
    Math Field
  • Round
    Round values
    Math Field
  • Texture Factory
    Texture data of Factory
    Factory Field
  • Fields Space
    Calculate custom data (value & color) for fields in the world space


Bind simple actions without new scripts creating
  • On Collision
    Catch event on Collision detected
  • On Collision2D
    Catch event on Collision2D detected
  • On Key
    Catch Key events
  • On Mouse
    Catch Mouse events
  • On Timer
    Catch event by timer with fixed/range interval
  • On Trigger
    Catch event on Trigger detected
  • On Trigger2D
    Catch event on Trigger2D detected


Organize your scene with gizmos - helper elements
  • Arrow
    Show arrow gizmo on object
  • Cone
    Show cone gizmo on object
  • Cube
    Show cube gizmo on object
  • Cylinder
    Show cylinder gizmo on object
  • Field
    Show information for field-space
  • Mesh
    Show custom mesh gizmo on object
  • Pyramid
    Show pyramid gizmo on object
  • Sphere
    Show sphere gizmo on object
  • Torus
    Show torus gizmo on object
  • Trigger
    Visualize any trigger event