Dust brings powerful components to Unity.
Add animations, sequence of actions, catch events, generate unique scenes,
and animate all these with DustEngine components.
It's easy to use. It's hard to refuse.
And finally, stop [re]coding stupid things.

Factory & Fields


Build new Game Objects Sets as Linear, Radial, or Grid shapes.
What for?
Then use Factory Machines + Fields and let the magic be!

Factory Machines

Impact on each Factory Instance and transform, animate, and update materials params.


Math in the World Space!
Define impact power on Factory Instances by fields in the world space.
Stop making million of short scripts for mini actions.
Just use DustEngine components!

Action components

Create sequence of actions:
  • Animate
  • Update
  • Transform
  • Physics control
  • Flow

Animation components

Add simple animation to Game Objects without creation of the short scripts.

Event components

Catch events and define simple actions:
  • Catch collider & trigger events and define actions.
  • Catch Keys & Mouse events.
  • Fire timer events.


Helper components

Helper components extend default states of Game Objects and let you avoid writing short scripts.

Instance components

Spawn and destroy objects at any time and any place.

Gizmos components

  • Add gizmos to objects to specify directions, volumes, and limits.
  • Use trigger gizmos to catch and visualize short events.
  • Use Fields Space gizmos to visualize field data in world space.
DUST is in the beta stage and you're welcome to try it today.
Please give me your feedback or create ticket at github.